If you and your partner are wondering about a place to move to, you should follow many young couples that moved to Memphis. There are many reasons that millennial couples feel drawn to this fantastic city and its surrounding area! The city offers a lot of things to see and do, and we asked our experts from US Movers Directory to talk to their partners to give us their reasons for moving to Memphis! So, these are the top reasons why young couples love Memphis!

Reasons that make young couples love Memphis

As mentioned before, there are many reasons why young couples love Memphis, but we will be focusing on the top 3 of those reasons. The reasons are:

  • Job Market
  • Affordability
  • Weather

Job Market

Memphis not only offers a lot of lovely locations and enjoyable activities, but it also offers fantastic job prospects for young people! This is crucial for young couples because it allows them to follow their aspirations and objectives, and be the best versions of themselves all the time. There are multiple Fortune 500 companies that do business in Memphis, with the biggest one being FedEx which employs more than 30k locals! There are also a lot of great small and local companies that offer amazing jobs! One of them is Cooper Moving, which we recommend if you decide on moving to Memphis. Letting professionals handle your moving process will greatly reduce the stress and workload that will fall on your back. So, contact moving companies and start getting quotes!

Street in Memphis because of which young couples love Memphis.
Memphis has a great job market, which makes it perfect for young couples!


Most young individuals tend to conserve money and seek out more affordable options. The affordable cost of living in Memphis is one of the key attractions for relocation. Everything is far less expensive than anywhere else in the country, from electricity to groceries to amusement and education. Particularly, housing costs in this city are almost 40% below the national average, and finding a house will be much simpler than house hunting in Manhattan! Furthermore, there is no state tax in Tennessee as a whole. Because of this, you will then be able to save more money as a young couple for something you really desire, like a romantic getaway!

Person counting money.
Memphis is much cheaper than most big cities in the whole country!


Finally, Memphis has fantastic weather. Here, you can actually feel all four seasons, unlike in other states. In Memphis, summers can reach 90 degrees and winter temperatures can be cooler, but they don’t last for very long. Here, spring is amazing because it’s neither overly cold nor overly wet. It’s not too hot, and autumn is a stunning time of year. We had to suggest taking a road trip through Memphis due to the abundance of gorgeous scenery there! Additionally, this city offers a number of festivals throughout the summer, and the favorable weather only helps!

In conclusion

There are a lot of reasons why young couples love Memphis, but these are the 3 main ones. Of course, there is a lot more to talk about in Memphis, but there are some things that you should discover yourself! So, grab your partner and start packing, Memphis is waiting for you!