Once you start planing your relocation, you might decide to look for the kinds of moving estimates most movers offer. So, here at US Movers Directory, we decided to help you prepare for this part of your move. We will help you learn what is the difference between binding and non-binding moving estimates and why do you need to know it before you start looking for the moving company that will move you to your new home. If you know what to do and what to look for, you won’t be easily tricked into overpaying your move, and that is really important. The differences in the price you might pay can be huge if you are not careful. So, learn how to choose the best options for you!

What are the binding and non-binding moving estimates and why do you need to know about them?

When you start looking for the best option when it comes to getting your belongings relocated, you will definitely start looking at the prices. The best way to get to them is by asking your potential movers to give you the free moving estimates. But, you need to know what type of moving estimate you are getting, so you know what to do.

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Look for the moving service that offers the best moving quote

Here is the difference between non-binding and binding moving estimates

Non-binding moving estimates: When it comes to these estimates, your movers will give you a quote based on how much your belongings weigh. But, when it comes to non-binding, they can change the price later on. And they most likely will, and they will charge you more than you agreed upon. So, this is not a great choice, since there are many frauds out there, and they will likely use this type of scam to get your money. You should check the BBB before you hire a moving company. This way, you won’t be cheated easily.

Binding estimates: This is the opposite of the non-binding. If you choose this type of estimate, you will get a price that can’t be changed later on. The moving company will give you a price based on the weight of your belongings, or the assumption of it. Once you choose this option, they can only charge you what you agreed to pay. But, the thing is that even if your belongings are lighter than they thought, you will have to pay the price that they offered.

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Look for the moving service that offers the best moving quote

What should you choose?

You just need to make sure that the movers you are hiring are not trying to scam you. Once you know for a fact that they are fair and good at what they do, you can be sure that you made the right choice. And, you won’t be overpaying in the process. Just relax and you will have a great moving day. Now that you know the difference between binding and non-binding moving estimates, you will do great. And if you have more questions, make sure to contact professionals and learn everything you need to know.