Moving is a process made easy by professional moving assistance. But not everyone is ready to pay money for all the moving services that are to be found out there. Packing up your home is the hardest part of the process so hiring packing services is the most expensive service to hire. This is why a lot of people decide to hire only moving services and do the rest themselves. This would mean having to pack everything up yourself. And one of many things that propose an issue when packing a home for a move are beauty products. They are expensive and they are very fragile. This means that packing them has to be done correctly and using the correct supplies. And if you haven’t moved before, you might not know just how to handle this task. This is why we wrote this very helpful and useful guide on what we think is the best way to pack beauty products for relocation.

Declutter your home first

Before you even start thinking of packing your home, you need to declutter it. The same goes for beauty products. Those who use them tend to keep even the products that are out of date and the products that they don’t use. This is why before you start to pack beauty products for relocation, we suggest going through them and getting rid of everything that you don’t need, use, or has expired.

Remember – You don’t need the things that you never use!

Putting on expired beauty products can cause damage and irritation to the skin which is why we would suggest always throwing away the products that have expired. This will also make packing faster as well asĀ moving easier. You will also know just what are some of the products that you need to repurchase after.

Get the right supplies

Now that you have gotten everything that you don’t need out of the way, your next move is to get the things that you need to pack beauty products. And these things are packing supplies. You can’t just throw your products in a box and call it a day. Especially if having a long-distance relocation. You have to take out the time to safely pack up your products in order to keep them intact throughout the whole relocation process.

You can’t just throw everything all together and move it that way.

And here are the supplies you need to pack beauty products:

  • boxes – it is best to use plastic boxes for packing beauty products since they are sturdier and can hold more than cardboard ones. They also make carrying very easy and it makes your move eco-friendly.
  • bubble pack – use it to wrap fragile things such as perfumes and other products that come in glass packaging.
  • tape – you need to secure the boxes after packing them so that they don’t open during relocation.
  • packing peanuts – these work great to prevent tumbling inside of the box.