House is not merely a place where you reside, but a place where you feel comfortable, happy, and where the best memories happen. It’s the one place to which all of us want to return. You cannot feel that immediate warmth of a new house the moment you get into it. It is your job to make a new house feel like home, and we’re here to give you some advice. In comparison to the exhausting process of relocating, this should be fun, at least to avid DIYers. This is the part that you truly enjoy,  so get rolling your sleeves up and get down to work after reading our instructions on some simple upgrades to make your new house feel like home.

The list of upgrades

To begin with, here are some key points of our simple upgrades to make your new house feel like home. These will be dealt with in detail throughout the text.

  • Make house feel like home with fresh colors
  • Clean the house from top to bottom
  • How details can make house feel like home?
  • Go shopping
  • Let the kids be part of this
  • Get some plants
  • Make your house feel like home with a new arrangement
  • Set up a terrace or garden
  • Light up your home
  • Make a homey atmosphere
  • The final part of making house feel like home

Which advice to choose to follow depends on the house as well as you . If you are moving to a newly built house, you won’t waste much time. However, if the house is a bit old, it might need doing up and some additional things to see to, which might not be on our list. But we recomend checking whether something needs to be repaired first. If so, replace malfunctioning object with a new one. Then start with making warm and homely atmosphere.

Make house feel like home with fresh colors

White color is sometimes boring and monotonous so start from there. Of course, not all rooms should be different in color, and one or two can remain white. It’s up to you. Children would like their rooms to be painted in blue, green, pink, or whichever color, so get their rooms finished first. For a living room or kitchen use more adult-like colors. You are the one to pick the paint for these, so choose whichever you’d like. And don’t forget to find a compromise, rather than quarrel with your partner.

Clean the house from top to bottom

In normal circumstances, cleaning comes first, but if painting, leave that for later. There’s no need for cleaning twice, is there? No one likes the mess, so get ready to polish the place like a pro, instead of sneezing and choking on dust. Cleaning is a lot of work, but if the whole family works together, it doesn’t have to take up much time. Once you’ve cleaned dirty surfaces, start unpacking and placing your belongings. Some people do the unpacking first, and only later do they realize the mistake. Don’t be one of them!


Spacious kitchen painted in white
Make your home sparkle and shine before creating a homey atmosphere

How details can make house feel like home?

Choosing one among Verified Movers means that your vases, decorative bowls, paintings, small sculptures, and other belongings got safe and sound and that you can upgrade your new house with them. Our simple upgrades to make your new house feel like home suggest filling your house with details! You painted the walls, but something seems to be missing. Kids would put the posters in their rooms, but what can you do to cover these bare walls? Hang some family pictures! That will give it a personal dimension and make your new house feel like home. If you don’t have any photographs with your family, it is the perfect time to make them! Books and records can make the whole place look prettier, even though, they’re not decorative elements. Choose the best shelf for your collection and adorn it with details.

Go shopping

Whereas it is all right to bring decoration from the previous home, buying something new for your new home would be great. You don’t want too many vibes from your old home in a new one. It is a perfect opportunity to go shopping, and it can be therapeutic. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money, choose a few things. Besides you can buy something for yourself, in the end, why wouldn’t you?

Let the kids be part of this

All kids love drawing. When little, children often draw themselves along with their parents and the house in the background. This kind is more precious to a parent than a painting of a famous artist, and even though it won’t be exhibited in a museum, it will find a special place in a new home. So put these drawings onto the fridge or frame them. This is the best decoration of all.

Get some plants

Putting plants will change the overall impression, believe us. It is good to have plants for a couple of reasons and we’re going to reveal them right now. First, as stated, your home will appear much more beautiful. Second, you will feel better because they boost your mood. Plants are known to reduce stress levels, and we think there is no better reason to buy them right away. Last, they improve air quality, so bring fresh air into the house by placing them in every room. Additionally, there are other ways to imrove the environment when setting up a new house aside from having plants, which all of us should be doing. One more thing, don’t forget to water them!


a room with furniture, wooden speakers, a lot of plants, and pictures
Get some plants into your house and witness the improvement

Make your new house feel like home with a new arrangement

If you are in the habit of rearranging things at home, you can do it right away (assuming that something feels out of place, of course). Consult with others before getting down to work and do it with the help of your partner or neighbors, never alone unless you want to break your back. Moreover, we at US Movers Directory know that people sometimes ask movers to help them with rearrangement. If you don’t feel capable of moving a heavy item around, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Set up a terrace or garden

Not everything is about the house, though. If it has a balcony or, even better, a big garden, and it’s  the middle of summer, you will spend a lot of time outside. That is why you should set these in order, and not just the house. If there are no chairs in the garden, go and get some so that you can sit and enjoy drinking a lemonade (or a beer) surrounded by greenery. This will most definitely be the place to chillax. The green color is soothing to the eyes as well as the mind. You might as well take up gardening and make a little paradise.

Light up your home

No one likes to spend time in the darkness and gloominess, especially if the sun is shining outside. Turn window blinds up, and if curtains for some reason prevent light from entering the house, change them. Light will boost up your mood! Lamps produce a relaxing atmosphere at night. It feels cozier to sit with lamps than with the light turned on. Place them into a living room and in bedrooms. Children might be scared of the dark and would feel safer with them, and for adults, it would create a romantic atmosphere. Moreover, it enables reading and studying during the night. To create a perfect ambiance and enjoy visually, use different layers of light.


a living room with lamps on either side of a sofa
To make house feel like home add lamps and other lightings

Make a homey atmosphere

Placing bed skirts and cushions on the furniture will make you feel comfortable at all times. The more you have, the better! They make you feel so cozy that you don’t want to get up. Besides, your guests would feel at home when paying you a visit, and that’s what every host aims at.

Now that all is set and done, what is next? Inviting new neighbors and throwing a little party with a barbecue and a couple of beers sounds swell. You might prefer dining with your family and watching a movie afterward in a homey atmosphere you’ve made. It is nice to greet yourself after all that work, no matter what you choose to do.

The final part of making house feel like home

You are aware of the fact that we associate scents with places and memories? As children we recognized the unique smell of our home, wheter it came from clean and fragrant clothes or mother’s delicious apple pie. Each house has a different smell. In order for a house to become a home it has to smell familiar. . For this reason, it is important to bring aroma into the house. There are a number of options to make your home smell amazing, from air refreshments and scented candles to flowers and dried herbs. If someone is a keen cook in the house, he or she (doesn’t need to be she) can fill the house with the smell of delicious meals.