NYC has always been and will always remain to be a magnet for people from all over the world. It is a metropolis with so much to offer. NYC is modern, dynamic, eclectic, artistic, and trendy. It has a booming economy raising professionals and young people. However, in all of its diversity, it is also a family city. many high and small families decide to move here every day. However, once you start thinking about it choosing the right place to settle in NYC can e hard. You should explore the city to find out which NYC suburb areas that are perfect for big families.

Moving to NYC with a family

There are 5 NYC boroughs to choose from. Each has its own charm and neighborhoods and areas that might suit the needs of a family. To choose properly you should first pay them a visit to get the feel of the area. Visiting and getting to know the vibe of the suburb is important to create a realistic picture. So, you must pay attention to the sign you can see. For example, Brooklyn might have the best neighborhoods for families. However, to assess them correctly first you must define what you need. With families, the situation is fairly simple.

A park in NYC in winter
There are plenty of NYC suburb areas that are perfect for big families


First and foremost families big or small strive to find a safe environment to live in. So, one important piece of information to get and research is the crime rate. The lower the better. Also, check the statistics about local schools and the makeup of the residents. If families are dominant that n area is relatively safe. Also check if kids are free to move without a chaperone, if there is surveillance, heavy traffic, and so on. all of these factors will show you the safety of the suburb.


As your family’s education is important researching schools is a must. NYC generally has a great schooling system. However, the best schools are located in the best NYC suburb areas that are perfect for big families. Take your time to research the schools, their curriculums, and locations to choose the best suburb for your family.

The best NYC suburb areas that are perfect for big families

With all this in mind, you will certainly be able to find the best neighborhood, suburb, and area for your family’s needs. However, there are some locations that stand out, and invite you to consider them.

  • Astoria and Bayside, Queens
  • Battery Park City and Upper West Side, Manhattan
  • Riverdale, The Bronx

Astoria and Bayside

Out of all of the boroughs Queens is certainly one with the most suburban feel. It is a place of diversity that offers a calmer lifestyle but is close to Manhattan and the hustle of this financial hub. Here you can consider Astoria as one of the places perfect for families. The most important aspect of the area is its safety, In addition, the amenities here are great as well. The best part of the area is that it is extremely walkable. Making use of the neighborhood is easy and you can do it on foot. The safety of the area makes family living easy. Astoria park is also a great place with plenty of amenities that can suit a family. Once you decide to move here you can turn to specialists to handle the process of moving your family in. But before you do that also consider Bayside. This is the area that is famous for its schools and its school district. Bayside is quiet but also lively offering families plenty to do. It is not only great for children with plenty of amenities but also for parents. manhattan is a short commute away and the area also offers a vibrant nightlife and plenty of restaurants to enjoy. For family activities, there are Crochetrton, Clearview, and Fort Totten Parke which offer plenty for a family outing.

A house in queens one of NYC suburb areas that are perfect for big families
Queens is one of the best places for families in NYC

Battery Park City and Upper West Side

One of the best school districts is located in Manhattan in the Battery Park neighborhood. So, if your predominant factor for deciding on where to move is education then Battery Park is for you and your family. This neighborhood is famous for its family-friendly feel. First and foremost it offers plenty of parks and playgrounds that are perfect for families. In addition, it has plenty of indoor places for family activities. All of the amenities are within easy reach making this neighborhood very family oriented and safe. Manhattan also has Upper West Side to offer to families moving into NC. This place is family oriented and offers plenty of family-friendly activities. UWS is compact and walkable. At the same time, it offers proximity to Central Park, the Museum of natural history, and bookstores suitable for children. All of this makes moving to Manhattan a good choice for families.


One of the coziest areas to explore for your family’s needs is Riverdale. it is a place that has a strong suburban feel and is shaded by lots of trees. The area is also well known for its schools and quality of education. But besides that, the area is also full of family-oriented activities and amenities. The place offers many parks, most notably Riverdale Park,  to enjoy outdoor family activities as well as the Bronx zoo. At the same time, this area offers affordable homes that allow you to buy a big property with outdoor space. But once you start your move here make sure to leave transfer to experts from the area. Local movers will know how to handle your family’s move wherever you are moving from. Whether local moving from somewhere near the Bronx or long distance you can rest assured that these Bronx professionals will be able to handle it with ease.

A botanical garden in the Bornx
The Bronx also offers some of the coziest environments for families

Find what’s right for your family

There are a lot of NYC suburb areas that are perfect for big families to choose from. Once you decide to move here first make sure you know about all of them. Only then you will be able to find and choose the best place for your family.