Are you happy with things the way they are now? Or you need a change? You’re thinking of relocating your family to a new place. Maybe it’s because of a new job offer. Maybe you just want to move somewhere more peaceful and quieter. To raise your kids in a charming little town. Like they do in the movies. White fence, a swing in the backyard, a town with shiny happy people holding hands, laughing. Understandably, you want the best for your family and relocation can be one of those things. And if you still haven’t made up your mind on relocation location, we have a suggestion. Here is a list of the most charming and family-friendly cities in Idaho. We hope that at least one will suit your needs, if not all of them.

”Here we have Idaho”

The so-called The Gem State, Idaho is known for its potatoes, landscapes, wilderness, and outdoor recreational areas. And gems, of course. But if you ask the residents, they’ll tell you that the real gem is Idaho’s landscape. America’s 13th largest state, Idaho covers two time zones and goes all the way from Canada to Nevada. Snowy mountains and deep valleys guarantee you having a good time. So don’t be afraid about turning into a couch potato, ’cause there are so many things to see and do here. And as for families and children, it couldn’t get better. People are friendly and helpful, the educational system is exceptional, they even have a college savings program to help people save for their kids’ future. Also, Idaho’s homeownership rate is the 12th highest in the nation, so if you’re thinking of buying a house for you and your family, Idaho is a state for you.

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Moving to Idaho

If your list of the cities to move to contains the next things – safe neighborhoods, amazing schools, large green spaces, and overall good family-friendly fun, you can stop your search. Idaho is right for you. It is one of the most family-friendly states in the USA. So if you’re seriously thinking of moving here, the best you can do is to search for a reliable moving team at and ask about anything you want to know about moving, from packing to quotes.

Most charming and family-friendly cities in Idaho

It is known that many tourists visiting Idaho end up moving here. At least, this is what residents say. Moving to Idaho is a perfect move for everyone that wants access to beautiful landscapes they could enjoy with their families, and for everyone whose dream is owning a house and raising their kids in a family-friendly surrounding. When talking about charming and family-friendly cities in Idaho, it is hard to pick just a few of them. But we’ll try our best. To cut the story short, here are some cities we picked that we think will suit you best.


Home to 21,000 people, it is a perfect combo of a small city and urban life. It’s peaceful and safe, perfect for raising kids. Yet it’s super close to Boise if you want to feel that big city vibe. And it also gives you the opportunity of working in a big city and living in a charming, smaller one. Schools are highly rated, which is always a plus, and since it’s a very safe community, children often walk to school. Housing prices are a little higher than in, say, Meridian, but still very much affordable.

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Meridian is a suburb of Boise with over 100,000 residents. There are 47 public schools, and all of them are over average. Sounds promising. There are also excellent preschools and kindergartens if you have a newborn and planning to relocate. Also, if you are into outdoor activities like skiing and hiking, there are a lot of options nearby. That said, and having in mind the job opportunities because of the closeness of Boise, it’s not strange that it took a high second place on our list.


Also one of Boise’s suburbs, Caldwell is home to around 54,000 residents. Located in Canyon County, it has a lot to offer to families and tourists. It’s close to Lake Lowel if you want a weekend getaway and close enough to Omyhee Mountains if you want to go on a hiking tour. Regarding housing, over the years, the city and its housing have really expanded. This attracts a lot of people, and that brings a lot of companies. A lot of companies, a lot of job opportunities.

If this is where you choose to move, you will definitely need some experts’ help from relocating department. So why not turn to crews in the area to help you with everything. Give them a call, get a free quote, and book a date for your move. It’s like a response to all your moving prayers.


Voted as one of America’s 50 top small towns, it had to end up on our list of charming and family-friendly cities in Idaho. There’s little to nothing to complain about when it comes to raising a family: the best public schools in all Idaho, low crime rates and a very friendly community are the main reasons to consider relocating. Nearby Sawtooth National Forest allows enjoying exciting and enchanting wild, to people of all ages. And if that’s not enough, median household incomes are a bit over the national average.

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Middleton is a small town with a population of around 7,000 people. Only 29 miles from Boise, it is a family-friendly community with some of the best schools in the district. It is a town where most of the residents own their own homes, due to not so high housing prices. And it is a place where people love their town, love the people who live there, and love their country.

Add a gem to your collection

We came to the end of our list. Remember, these are just some of the charming and family-friendly cities in Idaho that we thought might fill up your needs. That’s our part. Yours is just to find a reliable moving service, and enjoy the ride to your new home!