More and more people today want to move sustainably. This means caring about the environment, even when relocating. However, for many people, it is not clear what it means to move in an eco-friendly manner. Many people think that by throwing al the plastic and other non-biodegradable materials away and replacing them with biodegradable ones they’ll contribute to the saving of our planet. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Let’s explore why.

Use biodegradable packing supplies if you want to move sustainably

Move sustainably with newpapers.
If you want to move sustainably, you should use the stuff you already have in your home.

Many packing materials are not biodegradable. They pollute the environment and some of those materials won’t degrade over thousands of years. Now think about how many people move every day only in the US. A lot of people. Most of them don’t even care about the environment, they just want to move from point A to point B. Most of the time it is not their fault, they are just not conscious of what kind of impact they make on the environment. If you want to have an eco-friendly and successful moving day, you have to think about the materials you are using.

Thankfully, more and more people are beginning to think about their consequences. Nowadays, it is possible to move with materials that are biodegradable. Some of the materials you already have at your home, and you should put them to use. Some of those materials are ordinary newspapers (although there are better alternatives) and cardboard boxes.

Try to find a moving company that cares for the environment

Most moving companies do not care about the environment, and they use vehicles that waste fuel. Also, many of their packing materials are not degradable, and after just one use they’ll throw them away. By finding a moving company that uses vehicles on batteries, and that have the right kinds of packing materials, you’ll be supporting those kinds of companies. Vote with your wallet and plan an eco-friendly move!

Let’s ask a question

Plastic waste.
Plastic bags were made because of their reusability. Human greed is to blame, not the tool itself.

Is using paper more sustainable than the usage of plastic? Let’s think about it. By using paper you are going to get more eco-friendly materials that degrade faster, but how many trees have to be cut down in order to make vast amounts of it? It depends on where you are getting your trees. Sometimes, due to large demand, many forests are being cut down in order to fulfill the demand.

Let’s break a common myth. Plastic bag, although it is bearly biodegradable, was conceived as a bag that could be used and reused almost infinitely. However, our human greed made it a villain, and it became a mass-produced product, making it one of the worst things that have happened to our planet. This means that if you already have plastic bins, don’t just throw them away and replace them with biodegradable containers, you’ll just make more damage. Use and reuse. We are not making the case for plastic here, we are just saying that if you already have plastic packing supplies you can reuse, feel free to use them.

Good luck with your move!