Moving is a task complicated enough on its own. Moving with an infant makes it even harder to handle and more stressful. But the worst situation you can find yourself in is to have to handle a last minute move with an infant. Unfortunately, this is a situation a lot of people find themselves in. But it is not a situation that is impossible to make easier. Moving requires a lot of time and attention. And so does an infant. Having to handle both your baby and the move is a challenging task, especially if you have nobody helping you. This is why we have decided to write this short guide on how to handle a last minute move with an infant in the best possible way. No matter whether having a long-distance or short distance move, the following few things should be done. That is just how you will be able to handle it all without a lot of stress.

Create a plan

Even though it is a last minute move, you still need Kaplan. Make the best plan you can in the shortest period of time. Your plan should at least contain all the steps of the moving process as well as all the things you need to pay for. Planning your budget when you have an infant is important as moving can be quite costly and so is having a baby. A plan will make your move easier.

Plan as much of the move as you can.

Hire professional assistance

Even if moving within a neighborhood, it is best to have professional assistance by your side. This way you will be able to handle everything regarding your infant and you will have somebody handling all the moving tasks for you. Renting a moving truck and doing it all yourself is not what we would recommend.

This is the best way to ensure your baby doesn’t experience stress on moving day. This is a common thing and it can have a very bad effect on your baby. Your baby could have trouble sleeping. And this is not what you want happening during the process either. You also need to get rest as it is a very stressful process to go through.

Moving truck
You can always hire professional moving assistance and make moving easier.

Have a helping hand for the baby

If you do not want to let movers handle all the work for you then you have to have a helping hand for the baby. Ask your parents or friends to help keep the baby safe and entertained at all times while you are handling the moving process. If nobody is able to assist, you can hire a babysitter. This is a good thing to do if you do not want to burden anyone. But this is another expense to have in mind on top of the rest of them.

Do not slack

It is important not to slack when having a last minute move with an infant. You really want to get everything done on time. This is the best way to reduce stress.