The question of how often should you clean your storage unit can not have a definite answer because it depends on the individual. We are here to give you situations when you should clean your unit. If you follow them, you will save space in your storage unit and keep it organized. 

How often should you clean your storage – whenever you need to put something new inside it 

The frequency of cleaning your storage unit is different for everybody, but you should clean it when you put new items inside. By cleaning your storage when you put new belongings in, you can organize your storage unit and not misplace items. In addition, by cleaning your storage, you will prevent your new items from getting dirty. 

Clean your storage when every you get things out 

When you get things out of storage, you will jumble everything, especially if you are getting items from the back of the unit. You will have to clean your storage unit and reorganize it, so you won’t have any problems next time you take things out. To save space in your storage, read a packing guide

Clean it when you move 

Moving is a complicated process and can be made worse by a dirty and unorganized storage unit. To avoid any disputes with movers, you should get everything in top shape. Because if you have your storage unit clean and organized, the moving company can pack your items faster and get you on the road. 

man and a woman packing boxes
How often should you clean your storage unit? When you decide to move.

In addition, when cleaning your storage unit, you might find items that you won’t need in your new home. You can then sell them or throw them away. By cleaning your storage, you will save money on moving. Movers estimate your price by weight and volume of your items the fewer items you have, the less the move will cost. 

Clean your storage whenever you clean your home 

If you are not finding yourself in the beforementioned situation soon, here is a good rule – clean your storage when you clean your house. We all clean our homes regularly, but those are small cleaning jobs. However, at least four times a year, we have a big clean when the seasons change. When you are scrubbing down everything in your home, you should do your storage. You are already in the mood and have all the supplies ready. 

a person cleaning a table
When you completely clean your house, move on to the unit.

When you complete cleaning your home, go to the storage unit and clean it. Make sure to dust everything off, and if you have a carpet in your storage, vacuum it. If you are up to it, you can even clean the items inside.


So how often should you clean your storage unit? If you are not accessing your storage unit often – clean it when you do the seasonal cleaning of your home.