Even the most orderly of homes need deep cleaning from time to time. Let’s face it there are places in our homes that do not get the right attention when cleaning. In addition, homes go through a lot of wear, especially during the winter. In these conditions, and if you are moving in for the first time it is necessary to do a deep clean of the house. It is a good opportunity to scrub down those areas that usually get neglected. Home deep cleaning takes time and is a tedious and task. To do it right you should break it down into smaller more manageable activities. It also requires a plan and good organization. To get you on the right track here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

Home deep cleaning – how to

Deep cleaning is a task that you should plan for at least once a year. Some think that spring is the best time of year for this. As we know there is a lot of wear and tear during the winter so spring and nicer weather are perfect to get your home cleaned. This is not a task to be taken lightly. It will take your time and a lot of effort to complete. So, you should know what you are getting yourself into. You should plan it, schedule, and break it into more manageable tasks. One of the ways to do it is to do it room by room. There is no certain list of tips and tricks but you should do the following:

  • Declutter
  • Stock up
  • Start from the top
  • and from the bathroom
  • end with the floors


Over time you can accumulate a lot of stuff that clutters your home. Make sure you pick and clean out any visible clutter. Putting these things away to their proper place will make deep cleaning easier and faster.

Boy and a man take part in home deep cleaning.
Make sure you organize the cleaning to the detail

You should also consider getting rid of some items at this point. Throwing unneeded or unwanted items immediately will be a good first step in your deep cleaning process.

Stock up on supplies

Make sure you get everything you need ahead of time. You don’t want to get thrown off track by having to go out and get more cleaning supplies. Get enough baking soda, brooms, brushes, soap, clothes, and yes even a garden hose for riding up outside.

Start from the top

Start your cleaning from the ceilings and work your way down. Any dust will eventually get down to the flor so make sure you start cleaning it from high places. Pay attention to hard-to-reach places, trim, high bookshelf, ceiling fans, etc.

Clean the bathroom

You will need the bathroom a lot during your home deep cleaning so make sure you start from here. Disinfect the bathroom and even replace the toilet seat. From there go room by room through the house.

Claning supplies for home deep cleaning.
Make sure you have everything you need to start the cleaning process

Clean the floors

You should clean the floors last. Once everything is clean, the floors will be the dustiest and dirtiest. Vacuum and clean floors with specialized cleaning products for wood, carpets, laminate, or tile.

Home deep cleaning is a dreaded task that nobody likes to do. However, it is necessary to do it at least once a year, cleaning your garage too. With some of the advice here and a detailed plan, it is quite manageable, simple, and easy to do.