If you are considering a family move, then you can’t go wrong with moving to Ohio. Ohio is a state that offers a lot. There are plenty of cities that are great for big families to move to. Among other places, Columbus as the state capital stands out. This beautiful place is not only good for setting in with a family but for starting one too. The safety and cleanliness of the city make it perfect for families. In addition, there is a lot to do and experience here. With plenty of great places in Columbus area your kids will love it will be a fun city great for settling in.

Great for families

Columbus is simply put a perfect place for families. Many people even make it their city of choice when deciding where to move to and start a family. The city is first and foremost affordable. It also has many outdoor amenities providing you with a lot to do outside as a family. The education system is great and offers plenty of high-quality educational programs.

In addition, it is also important to stress that there are many interesting places to settle in the area. The fact is that there are many great neighborhoods and suburbs that are perfect for families. These are just some of the great places in Columbus area your kids will love and enjoy living in. However, before you start planning a move you should decide just where you will move to.

Children playing in a park
There are many great amenities for children in the Columbus area

This will be the base for choosing the right movers and moving services you will need. Make sure to find the best fit for you regarding moving services and assistance. With your location in mind and the needs of your family, you can easily choose the best set of services. Your chosen movers can do plenty of things for you, from providing advice in the planning stages to decluttering and packing, disassembly and assembly, loading and unloading all the way to travel and moving insurance and storage.

Where to in Columbus?

As already stated Columbus offers a lot. From the high-ranked school district, many amenities are scattered around the area, and plenty of sports activities all the way to the cultural offerings the area has it all. Whether it is outdoors and parks you need or some art, and museum you can find it all here. You just have to take a look through the neighborhoods and find the one that suits your needs in the best possible way. Here are a few that your family might find interesting:

  • German Village
  • Clintonville
  • Merion Village
  • Eastmoor and
  • Hillard

German Village

One of the most family-friendly places on this list is German Village. this place is characterized by high energy and a lot of fo living dynamics. the atmosphere is upbeat and full of activity because of many families with a lot of children. The reason for so many kids in the area is the fact that there are many family-friendly amenities, from many parks and outdoor activities to strong cultural, educational, and family-oriented activities. This place provides a strong sense of community, family, and home making it perfect for families to move to.


Located closer to the university district Cl9intonvoile is destined to be the perfect place for families. Top-notch education is within easy reach when you live here. The area has everything that is important to young families moving in with children or starting a family here. From great shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants to schools and family-friendly amenities, the area has it all. The homes here are stylish and d modern to suit the needs of young families and children. the area has plenty of parks and great outdoor offering that is great for kids of all ages.

Parents teaching a girl to ride a bike
You can raise your children in a relative peace and quiet and safe life.

Merion Village

Merrion Village today is one of the safest neighborhoods in the US. It is therefore in high demand. Many families are seeking Marion village as the perfect place to start or raise a family. This all makes this area very popular. The main trait of Merion is that it is quiet and calm and a bit slow-paced place. However, its proximity to other places makes it perfect for trips to many of the surrounding attractions that children will love.

Eastmoor and

One of the bat neighborhoods to settle into is Eastmoor. It is close to downtown Columbus and very well-connected. Although it is a historic neighborhood it still offers a lot to see and do. this is why it is a great place for family. At the same time, it provides a calmer living atmosphere as well as the benefits and amenities of downtown. Eastmoor is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and religions and prides itself on its diversity.


One of the places that certainly deserves a spot on this list, is Hillard. Although it is located away from the city center it is still a great place to live. It is a quiet community with plenty of amenities for families and children alike. This is the main reason why many young people are making moving plans and moving into the area looking to settle in and start a family.

A lot to do and visit

Besides this list of family-friendly places in the area, you should know that there are many other amenities that people also just visit when coming to the area. These suburbs and neighborhoods are within reach of many of these amenities making them perfect for families and children. Some of the places kids in the area love and frequently visit are the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, COSI, Zoombezi Bay, Franklin Park Conservatory, Legoland Discovery Center, Ohio History Center, and Columbus Museum of Art. All of these make the places on our list highly desirable and great for children that simply love living in them

Child in an aquarium in one of the Great places in Columbus area your kids will love
With some of the best amenities Columbus area is great for kids

Final words

Do proper research on the Columbus area before moving in. The proper inquiry will help you find and choose the best among the great places in Columbus area your kids will love. After that, you can make your move with ease sure that you will settle in the best possible place in the area.