Leaving Canada for America can change your whole way of life. Depending on where you decide to move to America, you can experience a big culture shock. In addition, to the cultural differences, you will experience differences in how the country runs and its work environment. And it will be more challenging for your kids to adjust to America. But before you start dealing with the differences of America, you need to get you and your kids there. US Movers Directory will help you, however with our essential tips for moving from Canada to the US with kids. 

How to deal with children when moving from Canada to the US with kids?

Before we get into general relocation tips for reaching America from Canada, we will talk about how to deal with the kids during the relocation. There are multiple ways you can entertain your kids when moving to America. 

Invite their friends to play when you are working on the move

Get your kids out of the way or keep them occupied when moving. One of the ways to do so is to invite their friends over! Call their friends over during the moving day, when you are finishing the move. The moving day is the busiest day of the whole relocation process. You will probably have experts helping you, for example, Centennial Moving or any other moving company. In all the mess, you can not keep your eyes on your kids all the time. You have to deal with movers, guide them through your home and tell them how to handle your items. Leave a free room and put your kids in there with their friends and their favorite toys. If they are young, you can keep the door locked, so that they do not go out and start roaming around the house when movers are working. We suggest you also get a grown-up to supervise them as leaving them alone unattended, even in a locked room, might not be the smartest of ideas.

kid playing outside
When moving from Canada to the US with kids, call their friends to keep them engaged.

Leave your children with your friends

The second thing to deal with kids on your move to the US is to let your friends take care of them from time to time. The moving process can be really long and can last up to four months and even half a year. During the time you are planning the relocation, you can not call their friends to keep them company. If your kids get too much for you, turn to your friends for help. You should get friends that your kids know or those who already have kids of their own. They will be more comfortable with your children, and the same applies to your little ones.

Let your kids help with your move to America

Kids can get really impatient, so the third thing to keep them busy is to let them help. There are not a lot of things kids can do to assist you unless they are older. Here are some ideas of the moving tasks they can deal with on your move to America. 

  • First, when moving from Canada to the US with kids, let them deal with packing their room. Of course, they can not pack their furniture. Let them pack smaller items like their toy. 
  • The second thing they can assist you with is labeling or decorating moving boxes. If you give them the right supplies, it will keep them occupied for a whole afternoon. 
woman and child drawing on a box
Let your children customize moving boxes with crayons.

Relocating to America with infants is less difficult 

Moving with infants is a lot less challenging than with older kids. They can not move as much. You should need to keep them in a safe place so they will not get in the way of your relocation. To watch them over more carefully, you should put a baby monitor near you. Let’s move on to moving tips that will get you to the USA from Canada. 

When moving from Canada to the US with kids you should plan 

Performing any move will require planning, and when you are relocating with kids, your job gets even more difficult. In addition to planning the relocation, you have to do it around your kids and their activities. We have given you examples above of how you can deal with your kids during the relocation. Now, let’s talk about what a great moving plan to get you to America from Canada should include!

First, you should think about getting movers to assist you. It would help if you could find reliable assistance to get you from Canada to the USA. They will deal with this long-distance relocation smoothly. Second, notify your workplace about your relocation and that you will need to quit the job in Canada. Do the same for your children’s schools. Third, notify your new workplace in America about your arrival. Do the same to your children’s new school in the USA. Fourth, measure your items and get quality moving supplies to pack your Canada home. If you want to spend less money on moving supplies, you can declutter your Canada home by selling your items, giving them to your friends, or donating them to the needy. Fifth, start the packing process two or three weeks before relocating to America. Make sure you secure all of your items correctly so they survive until they reach the new place in America. Sixth, load the truck on moving day alone or with the help of friends or professionals. And finally, when you arrive at your new place in Canada, make sure to unpack the most significant items first. Especially belongings that your kids will need immediately.

person writing plan

    Write a detailed moving plan that will account for your kid’s time.


You and your kids should be ready to move to the USA from Canada 

We are absolutely sure that with our essential tips for moving from Canada to the US with kids, you will do it without any stress. Now, let’s get packing and preparing for the move. Soon enough, you’ll be enjoying your life in America!