With a population of around 20 thousand inhabitants, Pickerington is perfect for families that want a cozy and calm atmosphere. Indeed a hidden gem of Ohio, Pickerington punches far above its weight. This wonderful little city is more and more popular with families, and that is for a reason. A fast-growing city, Pickerington is quite safe and offers many opportunities. A suburb of Columbus, Pickerington offers a small-town atmosphere, without sacrificing access to more urban areas. And before we explore some areas, we have to mention that Pickerington is one of the most educated cities in the US with 44% of people having at least a bachelor’s degree! In today’s article, we are going to explore some of the coziest areas of Pickerington in which you can live. Just remember to hire good moving professionals!


Beals is a solid choice for an executive lifestyle. Full of large, spacious homes and well-educated people, Beals is an awesome neighborhood for families with children. And that is for a reason. It is well connected, with good walking areas. More than 40% of the working population is employed in management, executive, and professional occupations. Also, did you know that Beals has more Yugoslav and Czech ancestry people living in it than nearly any neighborhood in America?

Storage facility.
Having storage is important.

But, if you choose to move to Beals, you have to have space for the things you don’t use every day. Here, we are talking about the need for a storage solution. Before you settle down, it would be good to have a place in which you can keep all of your stuff.

Now, it is time to get a little bit technical. 

Beals’ rental price is just over $1.400. Primarily made up of medium-sized to small single-family homes, Beals is really a family neighborhood. The median home value is around $253,000.

City Center

Like Beals, the majority of the City Center’s inhabitants are well educated and also employed in similar branches. Most of the homes in this neighborhood were built between 1999 and today. Architecture in City Center is modern, bringing a refreshing small neighborhood atmosphere.

Suburban house in areas of Pickerington.
City Center is one of the coziest areas of Pickerington.

In City Center, the median home value is around $248.000 with an average rent of around $1.500. Hence, it is in some ways cheaper than Beals. But when it comes to average rent, it is a bit more costly. Our friends from zippyshellcolumbus.com suggest living in City Center if you want to own a home. Homes here are cheaper yet newer than those in Beals.

Pintails Cir & Teal Ln

Pintails Cir & Teal Ln is the most expensive neighborhood in Pickerington. With a median home value of around $311.000, it is quite an expensive neighborhood to live in. The average rental cost is almost $1.800. It is maybe one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in the state. But that means that it has much to offer to its residents. And trust us, you won’t miss a thing even if you decide to move from Florida to this wonderful Ohio city.

When moving to Pickerington, many families choose this neighborhood for a good reason. Offering access to major roads, but still keeping a quiet and, almost paradoxically, a lively atmosphere. There are many kids in this neighborhood, which is to be expected. Here, 65% of residents are in a marriage.