Reaching the golden years is one of the best feelings in the world, right? Additionally, if you live in a state with pristine landscapes, numerous historical sites, lots of leisure opportunities, and a retirement tax-friendly policy, you will enjoy spending your senior years to the fullest extent. This is why we give you some of the choices of charming Virginia places seniors will enjoy. Northern Virginia offers all of those things and many more. For example, if you are a veteran, you can use the benefits for veterans buying a home here. Additionally, plenty of financial advantages will help you to preserve your nest egg.

The first on our list of Virginia places seniors will enjoy is Falls Church

Falls Church or better known locally as “the Little City” is a small tight-knit city close to Washinton D.C. The city is really nice because it is safe and rapidly growing. Furthermore, there are reliable crews in the neighborhood that can help you with moving here. They offer great services, especially for retirees.

Falls Church.
Living in Falls Church allows you to easily visit the Arlington National Cemetary.

Also, it is a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, you’ll have access to luxury golf courses and more than 50 retiree communities you can enjoy. The median rent is about $1,500 and about 40% of residents rent their homes. The other 60% are homeowners. Even though it is a suburb of Arlington it has quite an urban feel. If you like a vibrant city lifestyle, Falls Church is perfect for you!

North of Falls Church lies Tysons Corner – our next choice

Tysons is a great place to live. It is right in the center of all the action in Northern Virginia. Even though it is considered a suburb, it offers a unique urban experience. With a huge shopping mall and every store you need at walking distance, you don’t even have to use transportation. However, should you need or want to get to DC, there is a metro station that represents a great option.

Just like with Falls Church, if you decide to move here, local teams can jump in and help with the moving process and with settling in. You can always rely on them to do an impeccable job! Additionally, they can give you a head-up about the city, since they know it better than anyone.

The next pick for Virginia places seniors will enjoy – Abington

Abington is a great choice if you’re into the arts and love festivals. Furthermore, Abington may be among the best places for creatives. The town hosts a handful of events annually, one of which is the Virginia Highlands Festival. This festival dates back to the 1980s. Among other things, the city has a lot of opportunities for cycling and hiking. For avid hikers, Virginia Creeper Trail and the Appalachian Trail are a must.

Additionally, you can go horseback riding or attend one of the several fiddlers’ conventions. The choices are limitless. Should you decide to move to a new home in Abington, you should think about some great decorations to go with the wholesome atmosphere this great community offers.

Winchester – a key retiree destination

Winchester has been recognized in the past few years as a key retiree destination. It is ranked as one of the top 10 best small towns in America for retirees. Also, it was named as one of the most affordable destinations where American retirees travel. Really, it is not difficult to see why this is.

Winchester is one of the Virginia places seniors will enjoy.
Winchester was the site of many Civil War battles. History buffs love it!

Firstly, for those of you who are arts and history buffs, this place has plenty to offer. For example, the city has several museums dedicated to the region’s connection with the Civil War. In fact, Winchester was a city that changed hands during that period, more than 70 times. Also, it was the site of many battles throughout the war. That being said, it’s important to note that about a dozen places here are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Additionally, if you love nature, you won’t be disappointed. Abington holds some of the prettiest nature sites in all of the nation. The abundance of national parks offers multiple options for outdoor activities. Just the right thing for a healthy senior lifestyle. And with Zippy Shell Northern Virginia moving services, you will be able to start enjoying it very quickly.

Quick side note: This place has about six medical facilities per thousand people. This makes Winchester a city with easy access to healthcare.

Last but not least on the list of Virginia places seniors will enjoy…

…And our last pick is Belmont Estates. Ranked as the number one best place to retire in Virginia, this area represents the largest neighborhood west of the city of Harrisonburg. Additionally, the homes here date back to the 1960s up to the present day. It is known for its wide streets, stunning western views, and friendly neighbors. It has a population of just over 1,200 people, and all residents own their homes.

The median home value is a little over $330k. Even though this is well over the national average, it is in line with the median household income of over $80k. Many of the homes have amazing views of the countryside and western mountains. This is even more amplified during the Fall season when Belmont residents get a picturesque view of this magnificence.

Belmont Estates is one of the Virginia places seniors will enjoy.
Living in Belmont Estates offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy a picturesque Fall view.

After you have a successful moving day to Belmont Estates, you can enjoy the small community-maintained park in the center of Belmont. Also, this park has tennis courts that offer a great opportunity for recreation. Additionally, this community loves celebrations. No wonder it is one of the most charming Virginia places seniors will enjoy. For example, little flags are lining the streets every 4th of July. And, remember the Fall season we mentioned? Well in addition to the beautiful site to view, Belmont hosts a popular yard sale. So, if you love the somewhat rural experience that this place offers, it is definitely for you! Just relax and enjoy everything it has to offer.