Most of the families in Maryland will tell you that this is a great place to raise your kids and even retire later. Maryland is an excellent place for young families because of its low unemployment rate, diverse population, and high-quality educational opportunities. Any of the state’s natives will tell you that despite the state’s small size, it has a big personality. We made sure to research some charming places for families in Maryland for you. You will see below what we found and you will also see who can help you once you have your heart set on one place. So, all you have to do now is relax and keep reading.

#1 Elkton

Elkton can be found hidden away in northeastern Maryland, close to the border with Delaware. This location can be good for job seekers who are open for the commute. The city is home to nearly 16,000 people, the highest concentration of families, and the largest share of children under 18. The median annual salary is just over $54,000, while the median home price is in the low $220,000s. Many residents gladly commute roughly 20 miles to Wilmington, which is why the average commute time is around 27 minutes. There’s a fun fact we’d like to share with you about this lovely location. Before heading to the Battle of Brandywine, General George Washington rested at the Head of the Elk hotel. The site has a wealth of information for history buffs. Mortgage programs in this area can be quite good.

A dog in the street in one of the charming places for families in Maryland.
This is a great place for pet owners.

#2 Cumberland

If you enjoy looking at mountains, Cumberland is the place for you. This city of 20,000 people can be found at the foot of the famous Appalachian Mountains in northwest Maryland. Commute times in Cumberland are the shortest on average. Another great thing is the home prices there are the lowest we’ve seen among the cities we looked at. The Allegheny Museum and Rocky Gap State Park are great places for children to learn about the area’s rich history and to get an up-close look at the local birdlife. You will find a lot of family-friendly activities here.

#3 Gaithersburg is also one of the charming places for families in Maryland

With a population of over 62,000, this city is one of the state’s biggest cities. Within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, the city is about 25 miles from the capital and about 45 miles or even less from Baltimore. Gaithersburg is technically part of the Washington D.C. metro area. The local schools are highly regarded by their patrons, who account for almost 35% of this area’s households with at least one minor child. The median household income is over $81,000, so even though the average commute is about 30 minutes, you’ll still come out ahead. Here’s one more interesting tidbit for you. The NIST is located in Gaithersburg.

#4 Takoma Park

Takoma Park is located about 10 miles north of Washington, D.C., and is close to the larger city of Silver Spring. The location is good for job seekers as well. There is plenty of opportunities to be found here. The area’s great schools and secure neighborhoods have made it a hot commodity since it was first envisioned as a suburban neighborhood. Residents spend on average about 20% of their income on housing, which is lower than the cost of living in the greater Washington, DC area. You can even save a couple of bucks here. The best part is that you’ll be within walking distance of some of the country’s finest cultural institutions. This area is very attractive to homebuyers.

A house in Maryland
You might find your dream home here.

#5 Bel Air is one of the favorites amongst families in Maryland

If you need to commute to Baltimore for work but don’t want to live in the city proper, Bel Air is a great option about 30 miles away or even less. Bel Air has a high percentage of college graduates and a relatively short average commute time of 30 minutes. The local schools consistently receive high marks for student success, and roughly 91.4% of adults in the area have completed high school or higher. If you decide to move to Bel Air, make sure to call Helix Transfer & Storage.

#6 Rockville

Rockville is about 15 miles northwest of the two amazing places – Silver Spring and Bethesda. Its high education ranking and high housing costs push it up our list despite its longer average commute. The median household income in Rockville, MD, is almost $98,000, making it the second highest on our list. Among the city’s many cultural influences is one of the biggest Chinese communities in Maryland.

#7 North Potomac

One of the nicest places to live in Maryland is – North Potomac. This city is located in Montgomery County. Most people who live in North Potomac own their homes because the prices are affordable. That gives the area a sparse suburban feel. North Potomac is home to many great eating and drinking establishments as well as green spaces. That is something people of all ages can enjoy. If you wish to move here make sure to reach out to area’s experts to help you with all your moving and unpacking needs.

#8 Bowie

Based on its high scores in these categories: education, residency, and the number of kids living in this area, Bowie has risen to the top of our rankings among charming places for families in Maryland. Being about 20 miles from Washington and also Annapolis makes this city a great option for commuters. In addition to a median annual income of nearly $106,000, the low home prices and high purchasing power of the local populace also contribute to this area’s attractiveness. Bowie is a wonderful place to live for many reasons, including its excellent public schools and lower-than-average crime rate.

A big family in the kitchen.
This can be a perfect place for you and your family.

#9 Aberdeen

You will never regret taking a chance and relocating your family to Aberdeen. This charming place is where you’ll find plenty of opportunities to succeed. A large number of young families already call this tightly knit community home, and the neighborhood is known for its safety. This is very important if you plan on raising kids here. The city has all the amenities of a major metropolis without breaking the bank on real estate. In the sweltering summertime, you and your friends and family can cool off by watching the IronBirds play baseball at Ripken Stadium.