Raising kids is a big responsibility. Looking for the right place for your family is one of the most important factors. A good place for a young family is a place with a low crime rate, good schools, affordable costs of living, and a lot of family-friendly amenities. If you have chosen NC as your home, decide which city is the best for you. Where are North Carolina cities for young families and how to move there?

The list of top North Carolina cities for young families

Are you looking for the right city for your family in North Carolina? This task may be very stressful because the location is important when having young kids. They need a safe place to grow and play. Some of the places to consider as your future home are listed below. You can make your move easier when you choose the right location for your kids.

NC map.
Explore North Carolina and find a perfect place for your family to move to


Charlotte is a big city, but at the same time, safe. The public schools are highly rated, housing is not too expensive, it is a diverse city, and the economy is strong. To move here with ease, you may rely on professionals nearby because local movers know Charlotte the best. A lot of people that currently live in Charlotte are not originally from this city. That fact tells you that a huge number of people are moving here every year. Not only families with kids.


If you want to live with your family in your own house, Raleigh is one of the best places in North Carolina to buy a home. Because of many beautiful parks and good schools, families with kids love to live here. What is also important is that this city is very clean. Parks, streets, communities, stores, everything is organized and clean, so your kids can play every day outside. It offers many fun activities you can try with your family after moving to Raleigh.


One of the North Carolina cities for young families is Winston-Salem because it is affordable and quiet. If you are looking for a peaceful place to raise your kids, consider this city. The great news is that the median rent per month here is only $810 and if you want to buy a house, the average price is around $150,000 which is very affordable for the US average. Living in a bigger house with a backyard is better for the kids.


Near Winston-Salem is Greensboro, another great city for families with kids. It is another place in NC good for investing in real estate. Here you can buy a perfect home where your kids can grow and play and make your new house feel like home and personalize it. Greensboro is a very diverse place which is a big plus. Also, it has many outdoor activities to offer.

Kids in the park.
Moving with kids can be stressful, but having a moving company by your side will make the process easier


When choosing North Carolina cities for young families, consider Wilmington. It is a place with great public schools and at the same time, the nightlife is amazing. So many people are moving here and the population is constantly growing.

After choosing the city – find a moving company

What is the next step?  After choosing the city for you and your family, it is time to organize a relocation. How to move with ease and fast? Moving with kids won’t be simple, but with the right moving company, it can be. Find a mover in North Carolina and they will do all the hard moving-related tasks, while you are focused on your family. Hire a reliable and reputable mover with experience, as Supreme Movers NC is.

To have the best company by your side, contact a few companies and compare them. Compare their services and price. Also, think about moving costs. Ask movers to give you a moving estimate, so you will know your costs in advance. Moving is not cheap, but you may find some ways to cut moving costs.

How to move with a family to a new home in North Carolina?

How to move with a large family and save your sanity? On one side there are kids, on the other side, you must organize your relocation and move. Is it possible to accomplish it successfully? Yes, it is. With some simple tricks and tips, you will move smoothly and easily. Even moving with a newborn can be simple with the right guide.

A family in nature enjoying North Carolina cities for young families.
Spend time with your family even when you are busy moving

Plan everything in advance

How to plan your family relocation right?

  • Coordinate moving plans together with your family, do not do everything alone. After choosing North Carolina cities for families with kids, hold a family meeting and discuss all important moving problems.
  • No matter how much your kids young are, include them in the process somehow. Even kids of age 5 can help you with packing and cleaning. Ask your kids to make a list of places they want to visit in North Carolina after moving for example. This will make them exciting.
  • Decide when to move and what is the right time for your family to change the location of your home. Families often move during the summer because kids are not in school in that period.
  • Have a plan, but be ready to change it if needed.
  • Ask your parents or close friend to watch your kids while you are packing. Having kids running around while moving boxes are in the house is a mess.

Make a game from moving

Make moving fun and interesting by making games you can play together with kids while packing. For example, have an award for the fastest packing. Who will pack toys better and faster gets an award? Or play seek and find or treasure hunt. Moving and packing together with your family can be fun if you want it to be. Some of the best North Carolina cities for young families await you!