We will be talking about some real estate facts about Franklin Lakes, NJ. Some of them are fun and some are not as much. All in all this suburb is a great place to live. It can be an ideal place to raise a family or to retire. Because there are a lot of great restaurants, shops, parks, and entertainment centers younger crowds like it too. So, as you can see this place can be great for all age groups. If you are looking to relocate here you will need to buy (or rent) a property there so here are some real estate facts you should know about and they might not pop in your research.

Fun fact

If you think that sandstone homes are a piece of history you should rethink this. This borough is known for its sandstone homes. There are not plenty of them, maybe six in total but those are all fully functioning homes and they all have residents living in them now. How cool is that? This is one of the fun real estate facts about Franklin Lakes that is not so commonly known. It’s always nice to find out something cool about your new home. If you plan to buy a home from afar, here you will need some additional help and tips.

The prices

Now for the not-so-fun real estate facts about Franklin Lakes. This place can be an amazing place to live but it is not cheap. It’s high in demand and that means the prices are higher than the national average. That happens to pretty much all great places. As soon as the word comes out that they are amazing people start moving there and the lack of real estate can be seen in high prices. Housing expenses are about 390% higher than the national average which is a lot but buying real estate there might be a good investment.

Credit cards in a pocket
This won’t be cheap that’s for sure.

The prices are dropping

Now finally we have some good news. It looks like the housing prices are dropping right now in this area. In fact, since 2021 the prices dropped by 14.6 percent. That means now is the perfect time to invest in real estate there and start house hunting because chances are this is just a current drop in prices as predicted last year and they will start to rise again next spring. Of course, those are just some estimates, we can’t know anything fur sure but what we do know is that now you have a chance to buy a home there for a bit lower price which is always good.

What is available now?

There are currently about 70 houses for sale in Franklin Lakes. The prices range from $245K to $25M. All you need to do is check some of them out and see what fits in your budget. You might want to consider hiring a realtor. Just like when the time comes to relocate to the home you just bought you should leave everything to experts because some things are better left in the hands of professionals. But we will talk more about moving to Franklin Lakes later.

A woman holding a for sale sign
There are plenty of houses available for you to choose from.

The main reason why homes in Franklin Lakes are so high-in-demand

Many people don’t get it at first. If you just look at the place it looks like a nice suburb and some pretty houses but nothing is out of the ordinary. But do some research. There are not two or three good schools in this area. There are six excellent schools. This means a great education for your kid no matter which street you choose. That is a plus obviously. Who doesn’t want a great education for their kid while living in a nice, quiet, and safe area? You get a perfect combination.

Moving to Franklin Lakes

Now that we covered all five real estate facts about Franklin Lakes and showed you why this can be a great place for you we need to talk more about moving there. That is a bit difficult part, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. You can always hire reliable professional movers like All Season Movers and have the best possible moving experience without any additional stress. We are about to show you how can movers make your life easier just by intervening.

Hiring professional movers

All good moving companies can offer you some additional services (besides the transportation of your household items). Almost all of them have the additional service called packing and this is a very useful one because packing can be so difficult sometimes. Especially if you have kids running around that you need to take care of. They have many other services and you will be able to see them on their website. Vehicle relocation, unpacking, senior relocation, office relocation, assembly, labor only, and storage are some of the most common ones you will often see. As you can see movers can speed up your relocation.

Professional movers and a moving van.
They can get you to your new place quickly.

Franklin Lakes, NJ

Now before we end our little conversation about real estate facts about Franklin Lakes we need to mention what is like living there just in case you are buying a home for yourself (and your family if you have one). This is a very affluent area and you will be able to find some really nice luxury houses even if that’s what you are looking for. If you have a family you will be glad to hear that there are some excellent schools to be found here and some amazing parks and playgrounds for the kids. There is plenty of entertainment for grown-ups too. You will easily find some great restaurants, and coffee shops and if you enjoy shopping you will have a place for it.