In the past couple of years, Texas has become a sort of a hotspot for retirees looking for a place where they’ll spend their golden years. Although Florida is probably still the number one place for US seniors, Texas is pretty close to taking over the crown. There are really some really fine cities in the Lone Star State you should definitely check out. In the list below, we’ve selected 4 Texas cities that are great for seniors. Stay tuned for some beautiful communities.

Wichita Falls

Everybody heard of Wichita Falls. It’s one of those names that are hard to forget. Anyway, if you’re a senior with a thing for idyllic suburban scenery, Wichita Falls might be the best option for you. Did you know that the world’s littlest skyscraper is located in Wichita Falls? How cool is that? Also, the city’s museum offer is top-notch. History buffs will enjoy it, as much as outdoor lovers, because the city’s surrounded by amazing nature. There’s some nature inside the city, too. Wichita Falls is home to dozens of beautiful parks, ideal for a Sunday picnic with your loved ones.

Birdseye view of a family picnic. Wichita, a home to dozen of parks, is one of the 4 Texas cities that are great for seniors
Wichita is home to dozens of parks ideal for a Sunday family picnic.


Rockwall is considered by some to be one the best places a person could live in Texas, regardless of being a senior or not. It has a sparse suburban feel to it and is a very safe community counting about 44k residents. Now, how about this? As a senior, you can take your loved ones for a tour of San Martino Winery And Vineyards, when they come to visit. Wine-lovers will understand the passion. Also, Rockwall local movers are top-notch. Having some trouble moving in? There’s no need to panic. You can count on reliable people to give you a hand with everything you need. Rockwall folks are very hospitable. Newcomers adapt more quickly than in other parts of Texas.

Seniors having fun.
If you’re a fun-loving senior, you’ll surely enjoy Rockwall.

El Paso

According to U.S. News & World Report, El Paso is one of the best places for retirees in the whole country, not just Texas. El Paso offers a pretty dense suburban feel to its residents, who are, according to some recent polls, very pleased with their city. It’s a family-friendly city, which also means the town is pretty chill for retirees. Those two groups always go well together.


Last but not least, Fairview is a small suburban settlement of about 9k residents. According to Fairview’s one of the best you can retire in Texas. It’s a cozy welcoming community with most folks owning their homes. It’s relatively close to Dallas or Fort Worth if you’re one of the seniors that miss big city life. Expect quality movers in the area. We recommend you contact Small World Moving Texas, guys with experience in the field. They’ll make sure your senior relocation to Fairview goes as smoothly as possible.

A few words before we leave

That was that. This was a list of 4 Texas cities that are great for seniors. Hopefully, you’ll find your senior paradise somewhere on this page. Best of luck and thank you for reading.